First Lady McClary
Pastor Wausheka McClary
Empowered for Victory


Pastor Wausheka McClary is a yielded vessel after God’s own heart.  She accepted the call to preach in 1998 and is dedicated to the will of God for the advancement of His kingdom through the teaching of the Word. Along with Apostle Kam, she has been instructed to encourage the people of God, at New Dove Creek Baptist Church as well as the Body of Christ, to walk in faith with great expectancy to see the full manifestation of the will of the Father in operation. The vision, “Transition in Jesus”, means prosperity in every area of the lives of those who believe and apply the teachings. Although she and Apostle Kam share the same passion for the fulfillment of the vision given to them for New Dove Creek, Pastor Wausheka has an anointing to pull the women of NDC (and all members of the Body of Christ) out of the shadows of inferiority and complacency into a place of confidence, restoration, and victory. God’s message through Pastor Wausheka is one of hope and deliverance to reveal the power of women to tear down Satan’s kingdom while building God’s.
She is known for her “no nonsense” methods of exposing the lies of the enemy and her bold manner of demanding that women take their rightful places. Her message is that women have high regard for themselves while striving to see the best in all of God’s children. God has anointed her through her personal experiences to pull abused, belittled, and overlooked women from behind the pain of their circumstances to the forefront so they can tell others how they overcame, thus encouraging others to do the same.
She operates in the prophetic while interceding for the entire Body of Christ. She understands and feels the heart of God for His children. Therefore, through the gift of discernment, she obeys the voice of God and does as He commands for their deliverance.
She is dedicated to the ministry of New Dove Creek. She faithfully serves as a member of the praise team, Sunday school teacher, youth advisor, administrator of Women’s Ministries and much more. She is a proud mother and a devoted wife. She is employed by the Elbert County Board of Education as a parent involvement coordinator. Although gifted by God to operate in several domains, the office of the servant is the greatest and most revered.

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