Young Society
 Led By: Youth Pastor Derrick and Felicia Huff
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Young Society of New Dove Creek Baptist Church represents a new generation of young men and women who are taking Praise,worship, and Biblical Principals to another level.
We are not a just a youth department, neither are we just another choir.
Young Society is a movement that is spreading like wildfire.
The young people of this world are seeking something positive to be affiliated with and that is our goal at New Dove Creek.
It’s a difficult task to change the mind set of the world, so we have agreed that with Christ Jesus, we will just take it over.
Through YS, we are establishing strong Christian values in the hearts and minds of small children and  teenagers as well as evoking spiritual growth. 

We are the salt of the earth and with out us,  there is no flavor. 
Believe us when we say that Young Society not only strive for excellence, we are also built upon the vision of NDC.
Transition at it’s finest.
Transition in Jesus!!!