Singles Ministry
 Led By: Sherry Patterson Turman


The Vision that God has given me for Single's Ministry is first and foremost  is commitment to the Vision, " United together as we Transition in Jesus" . My Desire for Single's Ministry is that everyone who's heart is completely set on living a life dedicated to God, that He gives and supplies them with everything they need to be able to walk out this life of Christianity. Alot of people are looking for answers and dont know where to find them. The word of God say's my people parish FROM the lack of Knowledge. Because there is such a need, I thank God for equiping me to be a motivator, teacher, and listener. Sometimes we can become caught up in teaching and not motivating or listening. The Single's Ministry will help men and women who really want to be set apart and used by God. God wants us to have full and meaningful relationships and He's giving us the answers on how to obtain it.